Old sweet songs aren’t the only tunes keeping Georgia on music lovers’ minds. The Peach State’s current homegrown performers—including Young Jeezy and Luke Bryan—are building on the lyrical legacy of legends such as James Brown and Ray Charles. Hear live music or join a jam session in cozy confines such as the Historic Holly Theater in Dahlonega or Atlanta’s Apache Café. Discover the roots of the Georgia sound in Macon, where Jessica Walden and her husband Jamie Weatherford operate Rock Candy Tours. “It’s no coincidence that Little Richard, Otis Redding, and the Allman Brothers all tapped into the city’s [Macon’s] soul, found their voice, and created a sound from it,” says Walden, whose Rock n’ Roll Stroll passes “the hippie crash pad” of the Allman Brothers. Rock on throughout 2017 at one of Georgia’s 75 music festivals, such as June’s AthFest in Athens, home of the B-52’s and R.E.M. —MKD



Article courtesy of National Geographic.